Fair point

  In regards to the one panel battles, and I’m assuming other non-cover related items…

nortonc123 wrote:

  “i wish u would stick to covers instead of battles too. no offese I love geting new covers but Im here for the art not the fantasy debates”

  Fair enough, no offense taken.

  I’ve added some other elements to “comic book covers” to keep it interesting for myself. I look at a lot of covers while choosing ones to post, and it can get a bit repetitive. A few Q&A’s and a bit of speculation now and again can really liven up the place.

  On the other hand, it says on the box “comic book covers”… that’s what you came for. I can see why you might not want the extras on your dash…

  On the gripping hand….

  …It’s my tumblr, made first and foremost to please myself.

  I love posting stuff that makes people happy, but mostly I’m posting things, whether they are cover or not, that makes *me* happy.

  That said, I do take your point, and if you choose to unfollow, no offense taken.

  For those who want a bit of variety, I will be using my other comic book tumblr, One Panel , for some different things. It’s still sort of a “beta” version, and I’m not quite sure what it will end up being, but do come along for the ride, won’t you?

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