One Panel Battles
Doctor Doom Vs Lex Luthor
Who would win?


One Panel Battles

Doctor Doom Vs Lex Luthor

Who would win?

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    Doctor Doom hands down
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    Dr. Doom por lejos
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  4. jelanizaraki answered: DOOM of course
  5. nexbn answered: I will Say Dr. Doom, He has had more ultimate cosmic powers in his grasp than Lex.
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  7. toughquestion answered: Lex Luthor
  8. lauraheit answered: Totally Lex Luther
  9. ronniebelmont226 answered: Doom.
  10. comicsforever answered: This belongs to Doom!
  11. spiffaroonies answered: Doctor Doom
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  13. holdontothecaulfield answered: Doom
  14. toilahoang answered: Luthor
  15. wishinoo answered: Doctor Doom
  16. monkeypipestudios answered: Lex. Doom is an idiot.
  17. mburkhardt answered: Doom is supreme.
  18. nintendo-kid answered: Doctor Doom would destroy Lex
  19. tumblrintherye answered: Doom for sure.
  20. drx2000 answered: Lex Luthor
  21. emilyrosefromthegrave answered: No contest Doom would destroy Luthor
  22. maredovas answered: uno que logra vencer a superman y otro que es derrotado por la familia feliz… obvio, LEX el mejor!
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    o.O Intedezante
  24. crispyspacebacon answered: Doom
  25. lossuenosdelmortal answered: Doctor Doom
  26. premiumstuffz answered: doom duh
  27. spartanhedgey answered: Doom for sure.
  28. kola12353 answered: Doom has powers Lex has a super brain
  29. nortonc123 answered: i wish u would stick to covers instead of battles too. no offese I love geting new covers but Im here for the art not the fantasy debates
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    Doom, because Doom. Also, RICHAAAAAAAAAAAAARDS!
  31. threehoursback answered: DOOM
  32. captain-mcawesomeness answered: Dr. Doom
  33. sharpless answered: Lex Luthor
  34. rosiebeastieparsons answered: lex luthor
  35. shaggyshwag answered: Doctor Doom 110%
  36. madthoughts answered: Doom.
  37. thelectricninja answered: Doctor Doom. Magic trumps technology and it’s rare in the DCU, which means Lex is relatively unprepared for that sort of thing.
  38. herrvonklausen answered: Doctor Doom
  39. yerlifeguard answered: I don’t know enough about either to make an educated statement, but I’ve seen Lex beat up Superman, so I’m saying Luthor
  40. kylelikesbutts answered: Lex does have the battle suit, but Doom’s tech is more advanced, that’s a hard one…
  41. jlitwinka answered: Doom
  42. philanthropy-lite answered: it depends on whether it’s a battle of the minds or a matter of physical strength- in the latter case, Doom would probably win.
  43. rhoadey answered: Doctor Doom. Brilliant scientist, ruler of his own nation, ruthless and cunning, and a WIZARD…He’s everything Luthor dreams of being.
  44. dazedbee answered: An armoured scientific monarch (and sometime possessor of the Power Cosmic) versus a businessman with a grudge? Let me think.