***One Panel Battles***
Batman Versus Captain America
Who would win?
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The Dark Knight vs The Super Soldier?


***One Panel Battles***

Batman Versus Captain America

Who would win?

Answer below, or re-blog with the tag #onepanelbattles

The Dark Knight vs The Super Soldier?

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    Now here would be a battle for the ages if there ever was one. My normally DC biased mind involuntarily blurted out...
  2. ronniebelmont226 answered: captain america. super soldier serum
  3. fourjacks-o-lantern answered: BAAAAHMAAAAAN
  4. iam26letters answered: Batman
  5. joshuaflores69 answered: i thing batman will win
  6. comicsforever answered: Bats got this one…
  7. kola12353 answered: Dark Knight: More Gadgets and good combat Captain America:Strong Sheld
  8. regalmadness answered: NOTHING/NO1 Can Compare with Batman specially a Marvel hero! Bats is a Simbol! Cap america is just a hero.
  9. pumpkinarchangel answered: Batman.
  10. damageeffect answered: no contest. batman!
  11. toastfunnypants answered: Batman
  12. houseofabe answered: Batman
  13. efe3 answered: Batman, absolutely no comparison between them.
  14. blind-philosopher answered: Dark Knight - SS is too much of a mummies boy who cant face up to twisted characters like joker Batman can and owns Wayne Enterprises
  15. hailtheshortness answered: I would usually say Batman would win against any opponent if given time to prepare.
  16. teasethis answered: The Dark Knight, as you know he kept files of every JLA member and knew their weaknesses. He could have a file on The Cap so…yeah.
  17. celtic-clay answered: I vote for Cap, he’s a war vetran. Batman is just some sissy rich boi.
  18. trizzle628 answered: Batman, what the fuck is wrong with you?
  19. farrise answered: batman of course..
  20. moonlight203 answered: Batman. I don’t care how strong the Captain is, Batman would beat that six ways from Sunday.
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  22. ezadangers answered: captain america
  23. funnynerdystuff answered: Batman
  24. bathawk answered: Batman. He’ll stop at nothing short of killing to win and he is willing to cheat.
  25. prodigalsun82 answered: Batman. All i have to cite is the Tower of Babel. His files took everyone out. Cap won’t stand a chance.
  26. suburbansnakes answered: Batman
  27. heyimstryker answered: Depends. Does Batman know he’s fighting Cap? If so, I’d probably give the edge to old Bats.
  28. rachelevation76 answered: The Dark Knight!!! :)
  29. hungryghoast answered: Cap. Fuck batman. yawn yawn yawn.
  30. imtheimmortalone answered: batman
  31. christianolivo1994 answered: Batman is a master of his own body physically and mentally , Cap’s body is based on altered genes plus Batman has way more knowledge
  32. amaruk1990 answered: Captain America
  33. hecateguy answered: Batman: has every contingency plan.
  34. kosmoskrap answered: Batman
  35. yoyazz answered: batman
  36. juanitobeans answered: Batman. Its always Batman.
  37. n-u-u-m-kk-e answered: BATMAN
  38. smileyemi13 answered: BATMAN!
  39. wishinoo answered: Captain America
  40. mburkhardt answered: He’s the SUPER SOLDIER, so I pick Cap.
  41. jimbofotyfo answered: Batman