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  1. her-series-of-unfortunate-events answered: nothing
  2. skyterra47 answered: Tomb Raider #43
  3. shinchocolove answered: huh?
  4. nega-trash answered: Batman: Gotham Noir. Reblogging now
  5. charlieusername answered: The Brave and the Bold #144 :)
  6. gogonzogo answered: Mickey & Donald!
  7. molliehaswords answered: The Brave And The Bold #138, November 1977. Good job giving me Batman, random generator. :)
  8. clarkcactus answered: A derogatory “Before Watchmen” post
  9. lettinggosthehardestpart answered: newuniversal #1
  10. kmliller answered: DC Super-Stars presents Aquaman #7
  11. stephenmudd answered: Animaniacs #10, February 1996
  12. ventdrummer answered: The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 Cover!!! SWEET!!!
  13. tanstaafl74 answered: Star Trek: Mirror Images #3, September 2008, cover by Joe Corroney
  14. treago answered: The Walking Dead #31, September 2006, cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn
  15. superjonty answered: Dark Wolverine #86 - Nice!
  16. bathawk answered: Superboy #57, 1950s cheese at its best
  17. pleurgh answered: The Watchmen
  18. amarshmallow answered: HOLY FOWL PLAY BATMAN!
  19. thesolsticeoffortitude answered: Batman #10
  20. cpuglise9 answered: Doom and the Masters of Evil
  21. whengrumblrsattack answered: Power Girl #12, with chest…er…cover art by Amanda Conner.
  22. yerlifeguard answered: Justice League with Blue Beetle in the middle of a bunch of fashionista-looking women screaming his poor head off
  23. thesharpobjects answered: Star Wars: Blood Ties 4 cover
  24. hellgreetings answered: Archie #600 -George Perez :D
  25. gayformarlonbrando answered: edgar rice burrough’s tarzan :D
  26. purpleprosegang answered: Aliens vs Predator: Booty. Giggity.
  27. concentratedsarcasm answered: Rose and Thorn #5, June 2004, cover by Adam Hughes
  28. bigdrods answered: Batman #214 awesome!
  29. cr8dv8 answered: Invaders #1 by Alex Ross (just the art, no title or the usual stuff on the cover)
  30. catcoins answered: Airboy #1, July 1986, cover by Stan Woch and Tim Truman
  31. profound-meaning answered: Batman: Dark Victory
  32. sheekonfiya reblogged this from comicbookcovers and added:
    Swamp Thing #82
  33. joe2pointoh answered: Green Lanter and Green Arrow, the shocking truth of drugs
  34. the-onliest answered: Betty And Veronica #16 :)
  35. sleeplessnights-and-citylights answered: Wonder Woman #155, July 1965
  36. ppppgggg answered: your mom
  37. seiizures answered: batman family..
  38. toastfunnypants answered: DCU infinite Halloween Special
  39. javbaddhxc answered: Wonder Woman vs Wonder Woman.
  40. tropesarenotbad answered: Buckaroo Banzai: The Prequel, 2008, cover by Matt Haley
  41. hoyisko answered: half naked men. LOL
  42. tashepard answered: Secret Wars #8, a personal favorite :D
  43. mandisco answered: Detective Comics #475, February 1978, cover by Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin
  44. dr0wnd answered: Tarzan #236, April 1975
  45. badwaters answered: The Facts In The Case Of The Departure of Miss Finch
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