molliehaswords wrote:

  “I want to buy comics from the New52 (specifically JLA, WW, Nightwing, and Batman, I believe). I know all those titles started about a year ago, should I back track somehow and try to find the first issues or just start where they’re at now? Thanks!  “

    Thanks for the question!

    You have a couple of options.

   If you want to go back to the beginning, you should be able to find the back issues fairly cheaply, either at your LCS or digitally. All of the New52 first storylines are also being collected in trade paperback form.

  If you just want to jump in, in September DC is featuring a “0” month, featuring jump on issues  for the whole line of New52 comics. 

   I’d say it depends on how much of a completist you want to be. You haven’t  missed to much backstory, the universe is still fresh, and we are all still learning about it. If you do jump in and you like what you are reading, you can always go back and get the first issues.

  Hope that helps.

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