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  1. trevorvanas answered: Amethyst, Princess Of Gemworld #2
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  3. doctorbrandymd answered: The Witching Hour #85, October 1978, cover by Luis Dominguez
  4. flashgagnon22 answered: Before Watchmen: The Minutemen #1, It was really good!
  5. fremsley answered: Spider-man 623 (full facemask image). Oh, if you look down a way on my blog you may find a Warren Ellis cover you won’t find elsewhere…
  6. galewoodmike answered: Green Lantern #92, November 1997, cover by Darryl Banks and Terry Austin
  7. little--opus answered: The Amazing Spiderman #665
  8. hitpts answered: Mystery In Space #94
  9. whengrumblrsattack answered: Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #1 - never heard of it but Andy Diggle is involved…gotta find this one! Next: Losers vs. Six Guns vs. Aliens!
  10. chopinsstereo answered: Batman 227, Dec 1970 by Neal Adams. Sweet.
  11. bananaman1269 answered: batman-501-november-1993-cover-by-kelley-jones
  12. walkerbob answered: Brightest Day interlocking covers
  13. batmango answered: Green Lantern #143, August 1981, cover by George Perez
  14. unaemilia answered: i got ALOT of likes and reblogs. it just made my day
  15. introvertedone answered: Fun! I got Flash #167, February 1967, cover by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella
  16. prodigalsun82 answered: Power Company #5… never heard of it.
  17. yerlifeguard answered: Daredevil Chronicles #3, 1982, cover by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson
  18. toastfunnypants answered: Fantastic Four #40, July 1965, cover by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacola
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    I got Brave and the Bold #85 with Batman and Green Arrow. Awesome!
  20. funkenzwangsvorstellung answered: Casper and the Spectrals 3
  21. denisito answered: Something!
  22. noise-de-guerre answered: The Shade #1
  23. stephenmudd answered: Uncle Sam #1 with the sweet Alex Ross cover. Boom!
  24. purpleghostgang answered: Batman Inc. number 1.
  25. theguywhogames answered: Iron Fist! :3
  26. wofsterchild answered: barbra streisand
  27. rtik13 answered: Daredevil #188, November 1982, cover by Frank Miller. Very nice!
  28. the-lord-is-my-coelacanth answered: Arkham Asylum. Dave McKean. Excellent.
  29. quatorz answered: Daredevil - the Frank Miller Born Again arc. Sweet!
  30. thedarkn3rd answered: Deadshot #1 B-)
  31. xenon62 answered: Infinite Crisis 3
  32. yeri answered: This one: comicbookcovers.tumblr….
  33. wastelandlogic answered: Justice League Of America #209, December 1982, cover by George Perez
  34. geek-gaymer-chic answered: Adventure Comics #450, April 1977, cover by Jim Aparo
  35. thispersonfailing answered: Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner ~ Cry Triton!!
  36. charlespooky-iii answered: Mr. T beating up Spiderman
  37. spektres answered: Superman Family #171, July 1973
  38. profoundgibberish answered: My Name is Bruce
  39. nofaithintomorrow answered: Grendel Archives #1!
  40. themikeylamb answered: Superman #162, July 1963, cover by Kurt Schaffenberger
  41. randomfauxpas answered: The Smurfs #1
  42. saturdayworld answered: Flex Mentallo comicbookcovers.tumblr….
  43. notiereqwired answered: Flash #279, August 1979, cover by Dick Giordano
  44. pittmonkey answered: Master Comics #62, July 1945, cover by Al Carreno